Certified Wildlife Control Professionals

CWCP Certification List for New Jersey

  • Kirk LaPierre CWCP was the first to have attained his certification, #10001

NWCOA, a nonprofit, professional trade association devoted to professional development of the Wildlife Damage Management Industry thru the individual development of well educated, experienced, and dedicated wildlife control operators. NWCOA has sought to promote and strengthen professional standards within the wildlife damage management industry. To this end, NWCOA has developed a professional certification program designed to evaluate the education and professional experience of wildlife control operators.

A professional wildlife control operator is a person with demonstrated expertise in the art and science of applying the principles of wildlife damage management to the sound resolution of wildlife conflict with humans. An applicant for professional certification who demonstrates this expertise through education and experience and is judged to be able to represent the profession as an ethical practitioner will be designated as a Certified Wildlife Control Professional.

Present-day professional wildlife control operators have developed and continue to develop as the industry evolves from many disciplines. Strict application of precisely defined certification criteria would be detrimental to the continued development of the profession these operators have built.

These requirements for certification are intended to be a means of demonstrating the special expertise required to practice as a professional wildlife control operator. A Certification Review Board (CRB), composed of highly qualified wildlife control operators, determine whether the education, experience, and professional contributions of the applicant satisfy the intent of the established minimum requirements.